The Importance of Protective, Car Seat CoversThe Importance of Protective, Car Seat Covers

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The Importance of Protective, Car Seat Covers

For the past several months my husband has been shopping for a new car. He already knows the model of vehicle he wants. He simply hasn’t located one in our area yet. Although he hasn’t purchased his new car yet, he already knows the perfect car covers for his future automobile, as well as other protective measures to make sure the inside and out stay in great condition. He feels strongly about the need to protect and perform maintenance on cars regularly. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most important types of automotive protection that will help keep your vehicle running well.



Protect Your Back From Pain When You Change Your Tires

Putting summer tires on your vehicle in the springtime and winter tires on in the fall is a simple way to ensure that your tires are adequately suited for the driving conditions, and doing this job shouldn't take you long. If you're not used to lifting heavy weights, however, it's important that you don't take this task lightly. Tires weigh about 20 pounds, which may not seem like a lot, but they can be awkward to maneuver and could risk causing you back pain if you aren't careful. Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you can get this job done without harming your back. If you're concerned about being able to successfully do so, it's best to visit a tire shop to have the work done.

Move The Tires In The Right Manner

If you keep your off-season tires in your garage or shed in your backyard, you'll need to retrieve them and take them to your driveway at the start of the job. There are two ideal ways to transport the tires. One is to roll one tire at a time, but give yourself time to take a break along the route so that you're not in a bent-over position for too long. Another, if you're strong enough, is to carry one tire in each hand, letting them hang at your sides. You should avoid carrying one tire at a time; doing so will typically lead to you twisting your back, which could cause pain.

Stand Up To Move Them

Whether you're removing a tire from your vehicle or putting one on, it's ideal to stand or crouch while doing so. While you may find it convenient to remain kneeling, this posture is problematic. When you're kneeling, you're using your back and upper body the lift and move the tires, which can cause pain. When you're standing or crouching, however, you'll be able to bend your knees and use the strength of your legs to help lift the tires.

Use A Longer Wrench

Pulling hard on the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts of a tire can also risk hurting your back. If you find that the lug nuts are stuck, a simple strategy is to use a longer lug wrench. These tools are readily available at automotive stores. The premise is that with more leverage, you'll be able to exert less force to loosen the lug nuts, which will prevent you from potentially straining your back muscles.

For more tips on how to safely change your tire, contact an automotive professional at Euro-Tire.