The Importance of Protective, Car Seat CoversThe Importance of Protective, Car Seat Covers

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The Importance of Protective, Car Seat Covers

For the past several months my husband has been shopping for a new car. He already knows the model of vehicle he wants. He simply hasn’t located one in our area yet. Although he hasn’t purchased his new car yet, he already knows the perfect car covers for his future automobile, as well as other protective measures to make sure the inside and out stay in great condition. He feels strongly about the need to protect and perform maintenance on cars regularly. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most important types of automotive protection that will help keep your vehicle running well.



3 Auto Projects You Can Do Yourself

Considering the importance of your vehicle, it makes sense to take care of it as much as possible. You probably bring your car in for regular oil changes and have a mechanic take care of engine problems, but did you know there are at least three auto projects you can do yourself?

1. Replace Your Wiper Blades

Unfortunately, most people forget to change their wiper blades until they are caught driving in a downpour and see that the wiper blades are too worn to keep the windshield clear. The rubber on wiper blades gets worn from use, from UV exposure, and from general age. Replacing them with new blades will give you great satisfaction the next time you're driving in the rain. To do so, simply pop out the old wiper blade frame and replace it with the new one. The process is very straightforward and as easy to do as replacing a shaving razor blade.

2. Replace Headlight Covers

If you take a walk through any parking lot, you'll see lots of examples of cloudy headlight covers. These plastic covers turn yellow with age, making the vehicle look old before its time. Replacing the headlight covers instantly transforms your vehicle, making it look its best again.

There are many headlight cleaners available, but your headlight covers may be beyond the stage where a cleaner might work. Since it's so easy to replace them, why not visit an auto salvage yard like Fox Valley Iron Metal & Auto Salvage Inc and get new ones for your vehicle? All you have to do is call the auto salvage yard, tell them what you need, and give them the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Once they locate a matching vehicle, you can visit the yard, pop off the used but clean headlight covers and install them on your own vehicle. No tools are necessary, and the results will be transformative.

3. Oil Hinges and Keyholes

Make every interaction with your vehicle smoother by oiling hinges and keyholes. You won't have to put up with squeaky doors, or doors that are hard to open and close. Use oil on door hinges, trunk hinges and hood hinges. Use the straw insert that comes with oil to lubricate exterior door keyholes. Your key will turn much easier, and you will minimize the risk of breaking a car key.

These three auto projects will help your vehicle look and perform better, as well as improve your overall enjoyment.